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Tales and legends have sometimes, often, more power than rational arguments. They question us, and can accelerate our realizations, bypassing the mind, as they speak to the heart.

Here is a selection of them :

The Story of the Hummingbird

We are responsible for what we do and also for what we neglect to do.

An Old Cherokee Tale of Two Wolves

An illustration of the law of attraction. Our thoughts attract our thoughts, and we can learn to choose the content and direction of our thoughts.

Follow or not to follow

The answers are within us. We get lost looking for them elsewhere.

Of Stones, Pebbles and Sand

Between the unexpected, the overbooked agenda, the time we spend to earn more money to offer us what will save time for us, the multiplication of our leisure activities; we have not necessarily time to stop and reorganize all this, and even less to question ourselves whether all this has meaning.

Wisdom of Lao Tseu

Events do not always give us directly the true color of reality.

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters (I walk down the street) Portia Nelson

Guy Corneau puts it in one sentence:
"Life is perfect, since it always repeat back the same dish until we realize what we are eating."

The American Tourist and Mexican Fisherman

How to rush in losing our life to earn a living.

The Tale Of The Boiling Frog

The World is ready to switch into chaos, and we do not realize it, so mesmerized as we are by television, advertising, consumption, gloss and glitter. The awakening could be hard.


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